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Personal Branding

If your idea of “personal branding” is your “business card” then you need to read this.

As we develop into an increasingly more individualized society the brand you build around yourself is the most important way to stand out within your sphere of influence. Social media has taken personal branding along way. Your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and all the rest are simply just ways you try to set yourself apart from others in your profession and your life. More and more customers and clients are not as concerned with the brand of the company they are doing business with but they are more interested with the brand of the individual that they are doing business with.

“we have seen a definite shift from business branding to branding the person. It is very important that business owners and key employees develop a “personal brand” that then is used to promote and market the company’s products or services. Social media is a good start but it can lack a sense of authority since these platforms are essentially self-published. Therefore, we work to get our clients published and quoted through credible and authoritative networks, publishers, and sites. We think this is the most cost effective way to create credibility for one’s personal brand.” Lauren Hathaway

Personal branding can be tricky. The goal for branding is to develop a reputation as an expert, thought leader, or influencer in your area of expertise. Personal branding is not a self-promotion campaign. Personal branding is about making yourself accessible and available to clients, customers, and peers and sharing your knowledge and insights with them in a way that is viewed as authoritative. Cute comments and tips on Facebook or pictures of you and your cat on Instagram are fun and may get some traction but it will not do much in developing your reputation as an expert or thought leader. Being quoted or featured in CNBC, Forbes, Parents, Cosmopolitan, Working Women, Men’s Health ... you get the idea! Might. The benefits are exponential if your brand because recognized as an or the expert in your field. Trusted individuals are sought out.